Look at the Clicker Not the Click

25 July

Mobile advertising presents a unique opportunity to count the clicker, not just the click. Unlike in online where there are many impressions per page view and the goal is to capture clicks on as many of those ads as possible, in mobile there is typically only one display ad per view. However, due to the […]

Get Precise: Target the Person Not the Household

05 April

One of the very first forms of targeting used by marketers was household data.  This data would enable a credit card company to send an offer with the right interest rate option or a food company to show a TV ad for kid’s cereal to a family.  Marketers often obtain household data by linking to […]

AdMobius Now in Mobile LUMAscape

11 January

AdMobius is pleased to be listed in the latest Mobile LUMAscape published by LUMA Partners. As described on LUMA Partners’ site, “Our Display Advertising Technology landscape is one of the most viewed, used, referenced and copied slides in the industry. Look for AdMobius in mCRM/Data category.

Beyond Compliance: “Privacy Progressive”

14 December

As Ad Tech matures in the mobile ad ecosystem and more mobile data is exchanged between tech vendors or ‘publicly’ broadcast on ad exchanges, it is a certainty that a number of companies will face the inherent tension between providing publishers and advertisers with the highest quality, finest grained information possible on their audience and […]

Standards are not the Answer for Mobile Advertising

27 November

At every mobile advertising event one can hear marketers advocating the need for standards; most often related to advertising creative. But a simple standard ad size approach is not going to equate to success in mobile. Nor is the stated position of many online advertising technology companies entering mobile – mobile is just another device […]

Audience Buying Meets Mobile!

25 September

Hello World! We are happy to announce the launch of AdMobius, the world’s first Mobile Audience Management Platform (mAMP). Why now, why this, why us? Why now? Because it is time to bring audience buying and targeting to mobile advertising. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished for Mobile 1.0 (Quattro Wireless, iAd), but now […]