Lotame: The Unifying DMP

Big Data has transformed marketing and advertising forever. Marketers, agencies and publishers need a way to collect, unify and activate huge volumes of audience data — to efficiently reach highly-valued targets with relevant content and creative.

Lotame delivers Maximum Audience Impact.  Our unifying DMP (Data Management Platform) helps marketers and publishers drive more revenue, efficiency and engagement through the power of audience data. Working as trusted partners, we help our customers transform the way they do business. Providing an unmatched level of industry knowledge and technical service to help them master the complexities of Big Data and gain the impact they need. Today and in the future.

Latest News

Tiffany Morris Joins as Vice President and General Counsel; Jeremy Hartman Joins as Vice President of Technical Operations; Cary Dunst is Promoted to Vice President of Sales for North America

Lotame, the world’s leading independent data management platform (DMP), has announced a partnership with comScore, Inc. that will allow marketers, agencies and publishers to engage with consumers using rich web analytics data. 

Lotame Cross-Device connects digital devices together, creating significant opportunities for advertisers and publishers

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"There is no piece of the puzzle as important as the DMP, and there is no Partner as important to support our operation as Lotame."
Michael Beach, Partner, Targeted Victory